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The goal of Value to Wood program is to provide technological solutions directly to wood product manufacturers in all regions of Canada through research and communication. 

There are two components to the program: research and technology transfer. From 2002-2012, the federal government provided $35 Million for the Value to Wood Program to develop new and improved value-added wood products and manufacturing processes and transfer technology to small and medium sized wood manufacturers.

The Research component addresses the knowledge and technology needs of Canada’s value-added wood sector by bringing together specialists from leading wood research organizations across the country: FPInnovations, the University of British Columbia, the University of Toronto, Laval University and the University of New Brunswick.

The Technology Transfer component provides access to key resource and market information and accelerates the implementation of new manufacturing processes and the development of value-added wood products. FPInnovations Industry Advisors are located across the country to offer direct assistance to all types of value-added

In response to the constrained fiscal environment, as of April 1, 2012, the research component of the Value to Wood program is no longer being funded by the federal government.  However, the federal government continues to support of the Value to Wood Technology Transfer component delivered by FPInnovations.  This includes the network of Industry Advisors, cost-shared with provinces and other regional development agencies.

Moreover, the federal government continues to support value-added word product research in universities and FPInnovations.  The federal government supports valued-added wood product research in Universities through the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council Forest Sector R&D Initiative, a $34 million investment to develop a higher value added forest sector. Similarly the federal government will continue supporting some aspects of  value-added research at FPInnovations through its funding contributions under the Transformative Technologies Program.

Throughout its history, Value to Wood has brought together industry and specialists from five leading wood research organisations across Canada This partnership has created lasting collaborations and networks which continue to enhance the development of new knowledge and technology in support of Canadian value-added wood product manufacturers.

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Research reports can now be downloaded directly from the website - section Research and Results

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